The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission together with Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida (that's a lot of fish …) have brought back python hunting!  Can you believe that?  This is awesome!  It starts January the 16th and ends February the 14th.

That means we can all go out searching for this non-native animal at the same time we learn about and experience the Florida Everglades during a time of year you can actually walk the Everglades without getting bitten by millions of mosquitos or melting in the humid heat of the South Florida summer.

It's also a pretty good workout!  Last time, in 2013, I turned on my cell phone app and tracked all the walking I was doing.  It really added up!  I took my daughter, my wife and a friend of hers on different occasions.  They all liked the experience quite a bit.

There are rules we will have to follow and there's an online course that has to be taken.  Nothing out of this world.  Plus this year, there are free courses that will be held in various locations in South Florida.  I have already signed up for one of them!  You should too!

Well, that's all for now.  I'll be adding a lot more regarding the Python Hunting Challenge and a couple things I learned from the 2013 python experience.

Take care!